Dogs and geographical locations

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bwbsaralee | 14:31 Sat 14th Jan 2012 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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the answers all relate to dogs with a geographical aspect - just stuck on the last two. I posted earlier and had most answered hoping a fresh view may help. Many thanks in advance.

1) seen when i chaired a legal committee (8)
2) Dhole on the move loses nothing when I arrive (5)


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1. Airedale
2 Delhi
1 airedale - in the clue - chAIRED A LEgal
is 2 correct - DHOLE ?
2 yes ^ I see it is - DHOLE + I less the O (what's that got to do with dogs though, is there a Delhi breed?)
A dhole is a wild dog ..I see it as
Dhole ( on the move indicating an anagram ) loses nothing ( O) when I arrive ( replace O with I) giving Delhi .
dhole is a dog breed
The clue is in the title boxy
Question Author
Definitely the correct clue as printed. I can only get Delhi too and I've never heard of it as a dog either :(
Yes - I was trying to make the answer to do with dogs, as in the first clue Airedale.
Airedale is also geographical location .
The dhole is the wild hunting dog of India. See the story "Red Dog" in "The Second Jungle Book". Prettier than Cape Hunting Dogs they quite closely resemble the dingo.

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Dogs and geographical locations

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