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DSJ | 10:59 Sun 13th Nov 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Has anyone been able to enter this site today? I can't get access. If you have, please give me a link. Thanks.


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I've got in and solved it but the entry form is corrupted so I've not been able to enter it yet
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I had already solved it in the Sunday Times itself but the entry form is still corrupted for me so I cannot enter.

Thanks for providing a link, writesbad, but it doesn't work for me.
1. The answer/personal details grid did not come up automatically. A message said that elements were "blocked" and I had to "unblock" them by clicking on the message.
2. The "drop down" element of the personal details does not work, and you have to just type in your title and date of birth in the boxes.

I hope this helps.
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Thanks again, writesbad, but I still cannot get in. I just yet a message that the site is insecure so can't even get as far as the entry form.
I get the same message has DSJ that the site is insecure. Has anybody contacted the Sunday Times?
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I haven't.
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The actual wording I get reads:- Content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate.

This quiz is going to be a doddle this week for the lucky few who have been able to post their answers. Very little competition from the masses!
No I have tried there are no questions and no place to enter ? Once again the Times has cocked it up ! Time they got their act together , not that I will evr win it !
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This sort of thing has happened before. It is very annoying when you have solved quite difficult clues. I think this week's quiz was harder than normal.
can someone tell me the final destination with the glenn miller link
I expect it will be sorted out tomorrow and then we'll be able to post our answers.
Question Author
Fingers crossed!

I reckon the final destination is either Milton Ernest, where Miller spent his last night:
or nearby RAF Twinwood Farm, where his fateful flight departed and which now houses the Glenn Miller Museum:
The site is working fine now.
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Many thanks. I have now submitted my entry so panic over!
This is odd. I have just worked out the answers to the questions below on the ST website and as usual just sense checked with you guys:
1. What is the name of the large town
2. Name the three hits
No mention of 'what is the final destination'?
manxbanker. Welcome to AB. I think maybe you are confused about the ST competition. You are right, there is no mention of the 'final destination other than in the text 'article.'
I believe that if one knows the 'final destination' it helps to determine who the entertainer is.

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