Hi all, some cryptic clues for you to help me with. All Household Items.

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sylvania | 09:44 Wed 27th Apr 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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10. Protective, but not for your feet (5,4)
14. Unclassified and aerial (6)
23. For holding, not nurturing (4,2,6)
28. Icelandic feature (6)
30. Nimble on the mountain slopes (7+7)
31. No trousers in the bathroom (8)
35. A rectangular resting place(10)
36. A seated surname (9)
38. A traveling recorder (8,5)
39. Not for swinging (10)
45. Giving pleasure - or assistance (5)
46. Yuri Geller in action (5)
50. A sanitary purpose (12)


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28 geyser
Question Author
Thanks for your quick reply Harry - but the answers are all Household items as mentioned in my question. What is a geyser in those terms?
an apparatus that heats domestic water as the tap is turned on - there's one in your house - HW
46 spoon
45 Radio ( or aid)
35. Windowseat ?
50. disinfectant
10. Mouse trap ?
46 U-bend? (it's Uri Geller I think)
39. Stationary
36. Davenport
Question Author
Thanks all for your help. we still need assistance with numbers - 10, 14, 23, 30, 31 and 38. And to HW - I understand about the geyser now thanks.
30 Chamois leather
38 Cassette radio?
31 Skirting?
Question Author
Good one mike - thanks.
10 - table mats ?
Hi Sylvania, I was wondering if you'd had the official answers to the Household Quiz and if so could you please put us all out of our misery. I've still got brain ache! Thankyou.

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Hi all, some cryptic clues for you to help me with. All Household Items.

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