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eviespost | 14:06 Thu 01st Nov 2007 | Crosswords
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I would be grateful for help, please.
The last clue of the crossword is:
Old chap Ted lusted after (4)
I have : ? O ? E
At least, that is if my other answers are correct.

It couldn't be POPE, could it, as I can't think why it would be.

Any help gratefully received.


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Dote ??? ( dotage as in old age ; O and TED )

Cove(t) .... COVE (a chap)
Question Author
Thanks so much, MMAB and sarumite, for replying so promptly. I will put DOTE in, because that seems to fit all the clues.
Thank you both again for your help.
Have a good weekend.
I think you will find that the answer is COVE and it does fit the whole clue ... to explain further:

1. Cove is an old word for man/chap ew=uk

2. Cove + T (Ted) after = Covet = To lust .
It's definitely cove. Clue is lusted afted (past tense).
Cove + Ted = coveted. Fits perfectly.
oops, after. (too many Teds)
Question Author
Thanks, sarumite and ddon,
I did put cove, after your explanation. As you both say, it was definitely the right word.
Thanks again for your help.

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