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Irelands Own 1832

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Bernie | 20:57 Sun 23rd Jun 2024 | Crosswords
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11a. Comparative adjective of earthy. (8)E?r????r

6d.In music a sign at the beginning or end of a piece indicating repetition: italian for signs(5) s?g??.

Many thanks 



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Segno? (Chambers doesn't have Segni, just Segno and Segnos).

Third time I've answeredthis clue, NaC. Can't remember where I got this definition from though.


noun - (music) a notation written at the beginning or end of a passage that is to be repeated

Question Author

Many thanks to you both. Segni fits in with Earthier.

Thanks, Captain2. Your Segni looked right - and although it wasn't in Chambers, I had no idea what references Ireland's Own uses!

Errr, errr....... 🤣

...even though my Segno was no use, was wrong, I got to browse in Chambers - and also got a free new word, definition! I might never get to use 'segni', but I'll try....

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Irelands Own 1832

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