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Spectator N0 2659 By Cheesecracker

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Matakari | 18:04 Sun 23rd Jun 2024 | Crosswords
9 Answers

Good day, a testing CheeseCracker for which I would appreciate some help. Thanks in advance!

28a Prince overlooked checks, lacking means to absorb shock (8) :?N???????
42a Praise foreign letter that is circulating about university record (8) : ??????U?

7d Challenge exhausted clubs following exchange (4,3)  C??????

 9d Magical beginning absorbs daughter, you and me (8) S???????

19d Endless tirades spun about police force measure through (8)  ?????T?O?

 23d Hate I spread with gusto mainly renders godless (8)   ???E?O??



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7 Call Out, challenge

9 Stardust

23 Atheistic

23 atheizes(t)

23 Thanks, Toorak. After I typed my answer, it didn't seem right - so I went off to check my completed grid.

28 Unsprung

42 Eulogium

19 Diameter, measure through. Anagram of (t) irade (s) with Met. police inside

Matakari, I think you'll enjoy today's EV - another from Chalicea.

Question Author

Many thanks, Toorak and NACW, I'll certainly have a look at Chalicea when I'm done with CheeseCracker.

Thanks, Matakari.


PS Did you ever return to the last two EVs (and the CC puzzle)? I think we gave you a fair few answers!

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Spectator N0 2659 By Cheesecracker

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