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Spectator 2659 Thursday June 20Th 2024

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OftPuzzled | 12:20 Thu 20th Jun 2024 | Crosswords
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This fell into place quite easily, but 6d is causing me grief. 

Simultaneously discharges drunken volleys (7).

I have all the crosschecked letters: VO-LE-S

... so I can't see what it can possibly be, other than the word in the clue itself. Perhaps someone can tell me what I'm missing? 



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I'm in the same quandary as you oftpuzzled - all else done, but with the glaring exception of the unclueds also, would appreciate a hint for those - it looks like the same word twice on 3 occasions - I have no knowledge of science 

Question Author

Hi Quinol. The unclued pairs are the same word with an 'm' replacing an 'a' (hence a-to-m). So yes, very similar in appearance, but otherwise unnconncected in meaning/theme. I didn't know some of the words, but they appear in Chambers.

I think 6 D is simply an error - and one that Doc, the crossword editor, should have spotted"

Question Author

Frustrating, Neveracrossword, but I think you're correct. 

Thanks, OftPuzzled, there seems to be an error (of one kind or another) in almost every Speccie puzzle now!

Many thanks oftpuzzled!

We think that the clue to 2d could do with editing. 

Question Author

Upsetter, 'marketplaces'?

I agree there has been some sloppy editing recently - 2D (Marketplaces) being a case in point

I suspect that the solution, 'volleys', should have been rendered as its anagram 'lovelys' in the clue.

Speravi, 'lovelys' would have, at least been an adequate clue. BTW has anyone still got the scan from last week ? IMHO any puzzle which demands a specific reference requirement is inherently unfair. [email protected]

Yes 6D was not that good

meantime I have evrything but am being held up by 41A

Dry wit is key (4)

I have SA?T so i presume its salt but not sure why?


salt is dry wit

s (is) + alt(computer keyboard key)

may thanks

I had forgoten another clued light

33D Hairy tramp finally expelled from settle (6)

I have c?A?SE




Again,  Cheese Cracker is eluding me. I just want to check these clues. 

5ac. Fruit devastation,  not first linked to difficulties.


35ac. One shortens naughty poem about sex first. (9)

Something like epitomise?



Tilly2,  Havoc, devastation. Not first, drop the H - Avoc+ ados, difficulties.

Tilly 2, I have epitomist - the person, because of "first".

Thank you both.

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Spectator 2659 Thursday June 20Th 2024

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