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Wolfram9 | 03:15 Sun 16th Jun 2024 | Crosswords
5 Answers

Finished it, just not sure of 26a) Man, perhaps, in audition the writer's going to (4) _ S _ E.  TIA  :)



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"ISLE" of Mann?

Isle(of Man) sounds like I'll

I initially thought it might be 'ASHE' - He for man, She for perhaps as maybe not a man but a woman. 'A' for audition - and Thomas Ashe was a writer.

However, consensus says it's ISLE - I can buy the Isle of Man and I'll angles, but where does 'audition' fit in?


In audition means 'when heard', it crops up a lot in crosswords. In audition, in hearing, I'll (the writer's going to) sounds like Isle...

audition = sounds like

Isle sounds like I'll

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