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Agility2 | 17:53 Thu 13th Jun 2024 | Crosswords
8 Answers

Keepsake of tart stuffed with chopped vine using the letters REIVUNOS. I am not totally sure of the R and E



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17:54 Thu 13th Jun 2024


Anagram of vine inside sour (tart)




Yes, the answer and parsing are still the same...



Aww, come on NaC, swarbrules has only been on AB for 14 years - give a lad a chance. 😉

Thanks, Captain2. I wonder if he knows that using capitals is classed as shouting?...

To you all.

I only book on occasionally and don't always check  previous answers.

Yes I know it's shouting but I like to answer as it would be in an actual crossword.

I expected better from this forum.

Swarbrules, good morning - and sorry if my remarks upset you, that certainly wasn't intended! 

PS I was genuinely asking about the capital letters. shouting - I myself didn't know that for years. 

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