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Sunday Express Skeleton 9Th June

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Frustrate | 23:35 Mon 10th Jun 2024 | Crosswords
12 Answers

Sorry, need help please.

2d Hollow teeth ruined everything. 11 letters ???????????

11d Mature women in society 5 letters ?????

7d Facts about Northern Ireland written up 4 letters ?c??

15a Villain inspects front and back 5 letters ????e

17d Animal DNA with a thymine base 5 letters g????

Hope somebody can help please. Frustrate 





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2d The whole lot (anagram hollow teeth)

17 genet

7 info?

7 Erin?

Info is better

15 fiend??

11 dames?

Question Author

Thanks for all the help. I found it hard this week ! Brain must be getting old? Frustrate 

11a. Grow up.
15a. Iago.

^ wrong number of letters

Frustrate has got the grid wrong.

Ok thanks Radagast

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Sunday Express Skeleton 9Th June

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