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Sage Derby By Vagans ( Crossword Centre )

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Matakari | 01:27 Wed 05th Jun 2024 | Crosswords
32 Answers

Good evening, in spite of the apparently daunting preamble, I’ve made some surprising head way with this one. Help with the following would be appreciated, thanks!

29a    Resident in old people's home installed in vehicle (5)  : ?N???



7d Source of spicy seeds no longer Colombia but Peru (9)  : P??D??DE?
8d Send out atomic number retrospectively once (7, three words)  :O??L??E

  12d    Show of affection from Auden promoting North in Russian commune, that is (10)  : ?K?AU?E???
22d    Sailor undergoes examination and leaves to stay away from college (6): A?S??? ( ADSORB )

PREAMBLE: Two down answers are thematic characters, big cheeses in their day, and are clued with wordplay only. Solvers must highlight these two characters and the first part of a (rather cheesy) cryptic representation of a thematically-linked saying that could also refer to them in a rather cheesy way (12 characters in a straight line, leaving symmetrical highlighting), and enter five further characters beneath the grid to complete it. Single extra letters generated by the wordplay in each across clue indicate a quotation that could be applied to them, from a UK perspective, and five other cheeses (but not a red herring) must be removed from across clues before solving. Five further characters of a different sort must also be removed from the down clues before solving; these complete a set. All entries, including this set of characters, are to be found in The Chambers Dictionary (2016), which is recommended.




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You have some mistakes...

7 D - Periander (Per replacing Cor in Coriander)

12 D Minauderie

8 On A Time


12d MINAUDERIE..anagram of mir(russian commune) i.e (that is) + auden with the N moved to the front

Question Author

Many thanks, Roslyn and NACW, I would like to have some feedback on the following before I can contemplate cracking the the question of the big cheeses and the quotation.

  23a    Mother nevertheless returned instrument (4) ?UB?   ( AUBE )
29a    Resident in old people's home installed in vehicle (5)  : ?N??? ( INCAR )
30a    French moderate animosity about old milk in Paris (9)  : ?O?ITI?RE
23d    Litchi lone meal (hardly!) putting bishop in temper (5) :?BO?E  ( ABODE)


Thanks, Matakari. Your 29 A is correct, but your thoughts on  23 A and 23 D are wrong. You have several wrong letters in 30 A - and that one is a word you should definitely know.

Question Author

Ok, NACW, tell me the wrong letters in 30a and let me test my knowledge for this one. Thanks in advance!

30 A. ?O?IT???E

Question Author

Thanks,NACW, but I'm still flummoxed by 23 a, 23b and 30a ( in this last, I see lait, but... )

23  tuba?

Matakari, have you remembered that there are 'single extra letters generated by wordplay in each Across clue'?   Here's an example to help, get you going again... For 23 A, this leads to Ma. mother and But, nevertheless - and reversed gives Tuba, instrument. The M is the extra letter.


23d   Tbone?

Is 30a the only game in town? It fits and has some  of o and lait in there

Cashier, yes to that one too!


NMA, no - it's a French word, meaning something like 'formal courtesy.' I no longer have my copy, with notes, but the A might have been the extra letter.

Matakari, I think you've been given almost all of these answers now.., so you should maybe have quite a few of the extra letters, enough to spot some emerging words maybe?

thanks- got it, 

I was just showing etiquette there

NMA, I didn't/don't know what 'the only game in town' is, but I felt it couldn't be  the entry.

Solitaire fitted the pattern and had some key letters, but I couldn't see a definition so was just taking a punt.

Thanks, NMA - I didn't stop to consider card games, maybe I should have!

Question Author

Thanks, solitaire looks good and I'm content to have reached this far. I'll probably attack the missing letters, the big cheeses and the quote at another time after I get some enthusiasm from a hopefully Matakari-friendly Spectator tonight.

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Sage Derby By Vagans ( Crossword Centre )

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