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FleshpotsOfDevon | 11:52 Thu 30th May 2024 | Crosswords
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Reasonable regular clues this week, (harder than last week, but that's not surprising) and I have pretty much all the unclueds, but I can't see any connection between them, so any and all hints welcomed thanks. 



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Fleshpots,  you could be going places... (Bear in mind the actual wording in the preamble.)

Crikey thats cryptic!

Is 35A a mix of a latin noun and an english one?

45A Like Napoleon in exile in Leeds in Leeds oddly....I have EN?????(7)


45a.   Anagram of in Leeds

35a - that is what I have!

I enjoyed the puzzle, and wanted others to feel the same - so  didn't want to say too much too soon! 

I think this is a referene to Animal farm and so the answer is ENSILED?


Enisled - to put on an island!

Yes Enisled a better answer.....thanks


yes hexagonal fun but do we highlight just the containeds in the unclued, I suppose so...

Quinol, yes, the highlighting of  'the items' is essential.

Sruggling with 7A

Indian city cleric lacking force (7)

I have ??RA?IC although i am not sure about the C


Johnpiper, your letters are fine. Take a common four-letter Indian city, followed by a three letter cleric, abbreviated.

Question Author

I see it now, thanks for the hint. I was thinking along the lines of complete words, that's why I couldn't see the connection. Onwards! 

Fleshpots, thanks - I felt you were maybe just half a step away from totally completing the puzzle!

Question Author

Adding the finishing touches now. On the plus side, I've already finished the TLS haha

Fleshpots, well done - a productive Thursday for you!

Unclued 15A (8)  I have PRO??AI?

Could this be Prochain?

and the interssecting 4D (8)  i have 



And bit stuck on 30D

Where i have SUN?AH

Holy writings in paper on OT book


JohnP, 15 A is clued - and it is Prochain.

30 Sun, newspaper and Nah, short for Nahum, a book of the OT.

Your second E in 4 D is wrong.

Thank you

Oh.... 20A i thought it was



JohnP, thanks. Yes, you're right with 20 A - you've just put the second E in the wrong place on 4 D! It's the fifth letter in that.

PS I have just noticed that you've given only 7 characters for 4 D, it should be 8.

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