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maureen | 09:12 Mon 27th May 2024 | Crosswords
9 Answers

Hi All 15A Perhaps a rose-red altar screen. I have Reredos but it's not accepted. 18D will such fare mature into a barfly. ?U??R?S. 17D One is kept to cook- I need tea?  D?????N?E. Thanks in advance,



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17d Detainee (one is kept) + to cook =anagram of "I need tea"

I thought that but it didnt fit your pattern/letters count

looks like anagram of suchfare for 18d but I'm not seeing it

Ignore me- I see it's only 7 letters

18 Pubgrub

Please can you confirm that 18d is 7 letters and the pattern is right

Well done jj109

Thanks newmodarmy!

reredos must be right if it fits your pattern. What pattern did you have

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