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Observer Azed 2710 Sunday May 26Th 2024

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Griceratnumber9 | 19:43 Sun 26th May 2024 | Crosswords
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30a.snare using net unusually slick. It has to be entail.  Ent is anagram of net but why ail/slick?

Am confused!



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entoil ?

Is it a 'there may be an extra letter' type Xword this week?

If so s(l)ick = ail

Question Author

I think entoil is right. Very clever clue. Thanks guys 

Parisian dans la nuit et perdu? (8). I have  L?E?T?AN. Have I gone wrong somewher? Thanks.

I agree with entail too. Anagram net + oil (slick)

Ole meaning of snare



Paris was called Lutetia by the Romans and the answer is an anagram

^ old not ole!

And Ent Oil not entail. Blame autocorrect

Thanks JJ!

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Observer Azed 2710 Sunday May 26Th 2024

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