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Listener 4817 Playing With Fire By Lath

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upsetter | 12:34 Sat 25th May 2024 | Crosswords
7 Answers

A remarkable piece of composition that taxed us to the limit.

Thanks, Lath.




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The setter's put a lot of work into this one. On reading the preamble I was worried I'd not find an easy way in, but the down clues were generally accessible, and the jumbles eventually fell.

I'm going to be a bit picky about the theme. Although we highlight it, I don't feel that the puzzle really illustrates its significance as a concept. But that's a minor thing. I really enjoyed the challenge. Thanks, Lath.


Question Author

@Hawk - isn't the point about the theme that it should be?

Perhaps Lath is being ironic.

I didn't mind this, but I think it's a weakness of the puzzle that the grid entry for the anagrammatic down clue is a) not in Chambers and b) unrelated to anything. It's unambiguous, thanks to the crossing entry and the highlighting, but an unsatisfying finish. I'm surprised the editors allowed it. By all means tell me if I've missed something 

Keepatit - indeed. Something of a MacGuffin...

Question Author

@Cruncher - it's a reverse MacGuffin.

Many thanks, Cruncher and Upsetter. Most enlightening 👍🏻

Being very busy at the moment I've only just crossed the finishing line. Very tough and the PDMs were enjoyable with some parts of the endgame.

Thanks, Lath. Tougher than Sabre's IMHO.

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Listener 4817 Playing With Fire By Lath

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