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Brownbelle | 13:19 Thu 23rd May 2024 | Crosswords
8 Answers

All complete but CANNOT find the 3 sets of contiguous cells to highlight. Have side searched for ages but to no avail. BIG nudge much appreciated.Thanks.



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Brownbelle, you need to follow the path of the person making the career...It starts,unsurprisingly, at the top....

Question Author

I was so pleased to have done the whole puzzle but STILL cannot do this last step....

I think it starts close to the left (going up) then flies and comes down on the right.

Brownbelle (Brownbelle Brownbelle) I saw a nice clue elsewhere.

Good luck,

Cloverjo (Cloverjo Cloverjo)


...'flies' by spreading its wings.

Brownbelle, my search wasn't as logical as PM's, but on Sunday my starting point took me in the right direction (the right direction for following the 'careerer'...)

Question Author

Thanks to you all but especially Cleverjo (who in honour of my clever cousin Jo I've followed for years) Eventually blindingly obvious!! 

Brownbelle, thanks - and great to hear that you got this all finished off.

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