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Private Eye Eye Crossword 779 Thursday May 23Rd 2024

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NinjaCrossworder | 04:58 Thu 23rd May 2024 | Crosswords
11 Answers


Quality not possessed by Liz Truss? 'Putting out feelers' was ans.




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Self awareness anag feelers was ans

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I don't know how I miss them sometimes 🤣🤣

Welcome. 😂

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19 DN

Boris trashed in a book - Cyclops goes "suck it up!" (6)

28 ac

Right spikes legislation on AIDS treatment, for a game (9)


Absorb: anagram of Boris between A & B(ook), without the I (Cyclops)

Billiards: Bill (law)+ anag of AIDS with R(ight)

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14 ac

Blunt ? Yes and no


? T ? ? ? ? ? ?


Question Author

Last one 

24 DN

Good TV personality - or offensive?


Question Author

Thanks for all your help


G(ood) + Ross (Jonathan)

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I did think GROSS, but wasn't sure

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Private Eye Eye Crossword 779 Thursday May 23Rd 2024

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