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Sunday Express Crossword 18D

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Mark212121 | 17:24 Sun 19th May 2024 | Crosswords
3 Answers

Quickly read novel, one set in a state north of Maine (7).

The answer is "SKIMMED", which I assume is "quickly read", but I cannot explain how the answer is reached. I appreciate any help you can give.



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Is this a down clue? if so - Kim (novel) + me (Maine) inside sd (South Dakota/ state) 
17:31 Sun 19th May 2024

Is this a down clue?

if so - Kim (novel) + me (Maine) inside sd (South Dakota/ state)


Question Author

Many thanks Toorak. It is a down clue, and you have given the perfect answer. Excellent.

You're welcome. As soon as I posted I realised it said it was a down clue in the title 

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Sunday Express Crossword 18D

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