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Telegraph 3265

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sandyRoe | 15:36 Sun 19th May 2024 | Crosswords
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3d. In a mess, repulsive mill(9)??L?e?i??.

23a Crack hard to find in freshly pierced shell?(8)D?c?p???.

26a Drink in a company car required by first of Passengers (4,6)??N?/c?l???.



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3d Pulverise - anag 'repulsive'23a Decipher - 'h(ard)' (in) anag 'pierced'26a Piña Colada - 'p(assengers; first)' + 'in a co(mpany) Lada'
15:38 Sun 19th May 2024

3d Pulverise - anag 'repulsive'
23a Decipher - 'h(ard)' (in) anag 'pierced'
26a Piña Colada - 'p(assengers; first)' + 'in a co(mpany) Lada'

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Telegraph 3265

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