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Ev 1642 Help Please

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quinol | 17:04 Fri 17th May 2024 | Crosswords
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V grateful for some very broad hints for top line unclued and 8 down. In top line I have:


But I probably should have substituted letters. I know who's accusing whom, but not very familiar with their skits



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The sketch is probably considered one of the biggest, funniest, and the theme has been used many times in crosswords. Much of the guest's name is in your letters, ie the second half of the top line.

PS I don't have my copy to hand, so can't give a hint - yet - for 8 D.

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Thank you NAC, found the sketch now - mildly funny, and 8 down, still unsure about 1st half of line, and filled in all  but 3 and 18 down and 20 across:

elderly recognise elizabethan drama -ee-

morag's dear champ (either camp or chap) --e

paltry price switcing last two animal shelters --ts

But didn't have the patience to track down the wrong/right notes

Thanks, Quinol, glad I could help.

Morag's dear chap - Joe, sweetheart.

(Paltry) price... Cots (from Cost)

Elderly recognise...Weet (parsed in an earlier thread on AB)

Question Author

Many thanks Neveracrossword, I only guessed cots out of those 3 - I'm still left with the even more impossible-looking

e-f-ew on the top line

I shan't enter, not being a Telelgraph subscriber, and anyway not having follwed the brain-hurting brief, just done the clues

Thanks, Quinol.  It wasn't one of the (unclued) pair who made the accusation, it was their guest. The top row is a version of the guest's name, concocted by one of the pair.

Question Author

ah, many thanks, now I see, 2 more letters I should have swapped for his christian name

Thanks, Quinol. Glad you got that row filled!

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Ev 1642 Help Please

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