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Spectator N0 2654 By La Jerezana

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Matakari | 22:57 Thu 16th May 2024 | Crosswords
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Good evening, I think I’ve got a glimpse of the theme, but I need confirmation for the following to continue. Thanks in advance!

1 Compound of fish and old rice stirred over heat at first (13)  HYDROCHLORIDE



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I don't have the puzzle, but using your suggestion, how about -

Tetrachloride - 'tetra' (fish) + anag 'old rice' (over; round) 'h(eat; at  first)' (?)

Question Author

Yes, yes, that's perfect! I could not get the fish. Many thanks, Lie-in King!

You're welcome, Matakari, glad I could help 🙂

Question Author

Good morning, I'm pleased to have completed this one with the minimum of help. One final request for parsing for the following, thanks!
34 Fashionable and extremely economical place to stay (5) HOTEL

Hot (fashionable) e(conomica)l

Place to stay = hotel

fashionable = hot

extremely E(conomica)L = el

Question Author

Many thanks, jj109 and Toorak, I guessed right!

Thank you. I'm stuck on the last one: 15D One welcoming mischievous chaos - ?N??CH? If anyone could help.

Anarchy, chaos. Any, one, with Arch, michievous, inside.

Thanks, Neveracrossword!


Boethius, glad I could help.

PS Feel free to call me NAC....

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Spectator N0 2654 By La Jerezana

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