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Viz Craptic 336

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NinjaCrossworder | 16:36 Tue 14th May 2024 | Crosswords
21 Answers

9 across

Bird: do other than swallow for something frothy (6,4)

?a?K?? ???t



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Question Author

Thanks, I've got something wrong

Question Author

29 ac

Star bender endlessly *** (5)


2/26 down

Cock leaves hole (6,6)

???K?? ??c?e?

Question Author


Sounds like bug heard

Deneb - anag 'bende(r; endlessly)'

Question Author


Someone may have a better answer, but the other could be -

Pocket rocket (rocket; leaves)

winkle ??   something  

Winkle picker? 

Question Author

8/25 ac

Massive dick needing helmet wiped on one melon - and another ? 


E??? M???

Thanks in advance


Elon Musk - '(m)elon' (helmet; top, wiped) + 'musk' (melon)

Question Author

Thanks, I did think Elon Musk, but couldn't see how to get from clue


Question Author

Last one


14 ac 

German *** neither opening or closing




Question Author

The censor ***

Should read a-r-s-e

Question Author

Thanks everyone for your help. I'm finished now!


stuck on a couple - any help please

7d Bas*ard or shi* right for queen mary or elizabethII (9)           ?t???????

17dw*nking feels wrong having caught a bus (4-5) ?e?? ?b???

oops one more

31a nerves jangling with wife - that f*cks pigs (5,5) ??i?e ?????

as always, thank you in advance


17 self abuse

many thanks for the answer toorak - thats given me the answer for 31 too!

I am baffled on 24/3 down white edge, say in spermy food (6,6) 

w?n?e? ?u?t?r presuming 2nd word is butter, is the first wan*er or ed

Wan(white) kerb (edge) utter (say)

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Viz Craptic 336

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