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Bernie | 09:33 Sun 12th May 2024 | Crosswords
5 Answers

11a & 16d.

Mislaying the testament, just to survive- how dispiriting is that.(6,3,4,2,4) losing the ?i?l  ?o ?i??

1d. This creature is often in a form(4) h???. I have an inkling it might be  hare but failed to verify.

12a. Jus the place for one to follow the Islamic way.(7) ?i?a??t

Many thanks 



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11 16 losing the will to live

12. minaret

1d  hare

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Thank you TheWinner for great Answers 

'...hare but failed to verify.'

Hares do not dig burrows like rabbits but shelters in shallow depressions called “forms.”

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