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Scottish Field

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SHobkirk | 15:33 Thu 09th May 2024 | Crosswords
7 Answers

These words are all scottish dialect:

10a Bringing good fortune (6) 

1d Without money (10) ?????p?r?t

15d In the sulks (10) ????d???i?

4d Difficult to climb (4) ?t?y



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Any letters for 10a?

Chancy (?)

^ 2.  Scottish - bringing good luck

Thanks for all your help as always - 10a( I have the answer as sonsie

One answer is either not fitting or I have made an error

18a parting word (5) A?i?o  I presume this is correct as I have 14d Tusked mammal (5) as Rhino

Thanks again

Hi, sorry for late reply - 'sonsie' looks good if it fits crossers.

Does 'rhino' give the 'I' or 'O'?  I can see 'adieu' & 'addio' (?)

Hi Lie-in King, apologies for lateness of reply

if 18a is addio then ir would fit in with glondouris, however it leaves 14d) Tusked mammal (5) as r?d?o

Baffled - I am

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Scottish Field

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