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Hymn By Vismut

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pomona | 10:19 Tue 23rd Apr 2024 | Crosswords
9 Answers

it's a jigsaw type crossword with clues in alphabetical order. Some clues yield an extra letter in the wordplay.

Stuck on these last 4 which must start S/T/U/V/W/X/Y/Z

Taxed adult departing island full up (6)       tithed?

Exquisite instrument sound from horn cutting off tenor (6)

Ground teal tacos keeping, not yet handed out (7)

Animal hunter's close family sent up whiskey in the van (8)



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(starts T) 5 letters for 'island' minus the initial 'a(dult)' - 3 letters 'full up'/sated (1st letter is extra) def 'taxed'.

(starts T, hyphen 3-3) 4 letters 'instrument' (for fixing things) last letter is extra + 'sound from horn' minus 't(enor)'.

(starts U) hidden in the clue after dropping the extra 't' - def 'not yet handed out'.

(starts 'W[hiskey]') 4 letters 'close'/stop (last letter is extra) + 4 letters 'family'/title (reversed) - def '(sea) animal hunter'.

Question Author

Thank you ProfM...will work on those....

Can only find 29 to 2 short??

Is it something to do with the clue "Bad toenail threat throws ace" which I don't have an answer for and there doesn't seem to be a space for it in the grid...??

Yes, that's the 'spurious clue' - the number in brackets tells you there are 6 items to find (over and above the 2 items that are complete answers in the grid) and the clue letters give a jumble of the 6 items. Some items overlap.

Many thanks Prof M... all sorted now.

Having terrible trouble finding words to highlight. I've looked across and down but should I try diagonals, up and back? 

No diagonals - they all run left to right or top to bottom (4 one way, 4 the other). The 2 items in the grid that are complete answers in themselves have overlapping items (3 additional items between them).

Thank you! Having sorted the puzzle I would have hated to be defeated at the final hurdle.

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Hymn By Vismut

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