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Lovatts Cashwords

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jillywiskas | 10:07 Fri 19th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
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1d sign (6 letters) ?i??ol, I thought it was signal but it o correct as it is in coal



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is the i correct then, could it be symbol ???

Question Author

Yes the i is correct

What's the clue for the 'coal' answer, please?

Question Author

Clue for coal is carbon chunk

Could be coke?

Question Author

It's definitely not coke

where was your I from please?

Have you sorted it now please Jilly - if so what was the answer?

Blubster...whether it's coal or coke wouldn't change the o.

My guess is the I should be a Y to give sYmbOl. Jilly was sure I is right but it's best to leave no stone unturned.


I'm wondering if its Simbol, as in the illuminated traffic signals.

Never heard of that; thanks. 

Hopefully jilly will update us- it's always good to see whether our thoughts have helped or what the answer was so we can learn

Jilly, can we please ask again which clue gave the I?

My guess is jilly has worked out where she had gone wrong

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Lovatts Cashwords

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