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Stuck On 4 Cryptic Clues!

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Aingeal | 10:03 Thu 18th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
12 Answers

I'm stuck on the following:

Divali planned in the North and South for poorly ones (8)

Crafty seers to force a way out! (6)

Car that did U-turn on person's document (2,4)

Music hall performer who cut the carpet and laid it out (3,6)

Any help appreciated. Thank you :)



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1 Invalids - anagram Divali NS

Egress( g is the force- gravity)

2 egress

Id card

Do you have any letters  for the last one?

Max Miller fits but....????

Question Author

Newmodarmy..............I've got some letters now the other clues have been answered

T_P, _A_C_R

I know carpet (re arranged)is part of the answer but I still can't get it, lol. 

Tap dancer

tap dancer ?

Question Author

Thank you :)

anagram - carpet and

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Stuck On 4 Cryptic Clues!

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