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barnaclebill58 | 09:38 Wed 17th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
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I gave up on this one very early and headed to  . Nainsook and Shtetl  aren't exactly common words.

The blogger includes "Have you spotted the wonderful symmetry in the down clues?" 

I can't see what he's on about  and would be grateful for an explanation . Aren't all grids symmetrical ? 



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Opposites are opposites - 1/23, 2/17...

My brain isn't working yet, so can only see loose connections for 6/18, 8/19.

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Ah so that's it -I must admit I looked at rampart and teargas first and thought so what and ditto customer and emission -then thought it was the grid symmetry which applies . Unlucky ones to look at. 

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