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skyplus | 20:21 Fri 12th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
11 Answers

25a Grand national winner, ESB, led all the way-as they aptly say



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Walk of Life, if (4,2,4)

Nose to tail?

I don't really get this clue. 

Is it 4 2 4 and do you know any letters?

Are you there, skyplus? We need extra information please.

I thought wire to wire was when you lead all the way.

Esb only won when the leader Devon Loch fell near the end

OK now vive seen the pattern I can see must be wire to wire as clue says led all the way. But why mention ESB?

RTE is an Irish publication.

ESB in Ireland is the Electricity Supply Board.

Wire to wire looks like it.

Okay thanks.

And ESB only led for the last few yards of the race, certainly not wire to wire.

Question Author

Am so sorry folks. Went to bed early. W?R?   ??  I?E

so it looks like WIRE To Wire is correct

Again my apologies

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