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FleshpotsOfDevon | 11:50 Fri 12th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
4 Answers

Is it possible I hesitate outside Republican thinker's house? (7) C?A?I?M 

Could it be "cranium) - Is it possible = CAN plus R for Republican and IUM for I hesitate, mix it together for a "thinker's house" I.E. the brain. Sounds plausible, but I'd like confirmation from the roomy AB crania, thanks ;) 



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Fleshpots, your reasoning sounds perfectly fine to me. I don't think it's 'mixed together' as such - I see it more as Can I Um, is it possible I hesitate, with the R inserted (so Can I Um is 'outside').

Question Author

Ah yes that's much more elegant. 

Thanks, Fleshpots - it was good to have a bash at it, at parsing... I don't always bother!

Question Author

I appear to be in the "parsing zone" today so I'm just going with it! 

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