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Enigmatic Variations N0. 1637 By Stick Insect

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Matakari | 10:13 Mon 08th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
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Good morning, got a few for what looks like a real challenge this week. Help with the following would be appreciated to continue, thanks in advance!

(Each clue contains a misprint in the definition. In clue order the correct letters give three characters, the subject of a QUESTION in a work. In accordance with the work’s title, ten cells must be emptied, leaving real words or phrases ( ignoring gaps ). Chambers Dictionary ( 2016 ) is recommended. )

11a Pears and lychee fermented, drunk arhcly missing things used in perries ( 5 ):  ???E?

14a Follower of May nuts about start of our independence ( 6 ) : ?AO?AT

15a US fuel rich, incorporating oxygen ( 8 )  : ???N??RD

20a Czech pun below par, spirit assumes ( 7 )  : ???D?R?

3d Something made to be placed later in circle around green road ( 9 ) : G????????

18d They can handle more than one look and amorous advance on islands ( 8 ) : ???L????



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JJ, my Chambers says that 'pass' is currency, and the 'obsolete' there matches the 'old' in the clue.


Matakari, you've got into a real pickle with this one!

I had esth too but couldn't work out the misprint

JJ, 10 D was a sneaky one - Bolt becames Balt, someone from the Baltic states and Esth is short for Estonian, a Baltic state...


Matakari, I'm glad you're appreciating these very intensive lessons - you should have a Ph. D. (and a completed puzzle!) by now.

Thanks NAC

Happy to help, JJ - and I hadn't checked Bolt/Balt out on Sunday, I just stuck in the answer then!

Question Author

Thanks for coming to our rescue, NACW!  Amused by your Ph.D. reference! I got it in French literature years ago, and would like to have it in crosswords, too, but EV thwart my efforts at every turn,hihihihi! To close this chapter, I’m still flummoxed by these two for which I would like answers.

28 Pal’s previous prices for murder in Spain: heaps ( 6 )  ER?C?S

30 Chuck dog back to king ( 4 )  BA?K       E
( The  three- letter abbreviated dog? )

Balk- LAB(rador) reversed = Bal + K(ing)= balk (check)

Thanks, Matakari, I bet it didn't take you over 15 years to get your real Ph.D?!

30. The three-letter dog, seen before in crosswords, is a Lab(rador).

28 Ericks


Question Author

Whew! Thanks,jj109 and NACW, on to the theme with the letters I have at my disposal. And, NACW, I accomplished the degree in record time and wish some of that literary could spill over into the crosswords!

Thanks, Matakari. With all the misprints given to you, JJ was very generous/helpful, I don't think it'll take you long to finish off the names- some of them might leap out at you. The last step ('In accordance with the...') is quite neat. 

PS I know many people with Ph.Ds - none of them are interested in crosswords, much to my disappointment!

Question Author

Thanks again, NACW! A correction, I wished to say "that literary acumen could spill over into the crosswords".

Question Author

I have a full grid now and though I was missing a few misprints, I managed to find the three characters, the QUESTION and the work’s title. Now, I’m not sure what next to do, how to interpret the phrase “In accordance with the work’s title, ten cells must be emptied, leaving real words or phrases ( ignoring gaps ).” Any guidance would be appreciated, thanks!

Thanks for the update, Matakari. All you have do to now is make sure there are THE WORK'S TITLE in the grid. As you have to create 10 empty cells, this means you remove the last two words. Use all your years of Spectator and Chalicea experience to look in the right place!

Question Author

Thanks, NACW, I've spotted it and I assume it must be shaded?

No, not shaded, Matakari! Did you not notice that the preamble says 'emptied' ( ie left blank)? This means there will be ( the work's title) in the grid. Shading, highlighting usually means you are drawing attention to a word, phrase, person.

Question Author

Ok, yes, so I'll simply erase ( empty ) the appropriate letters now. Thanks again!

Thanks, Matakari - I couldn't believe that you were going wrong at that very last hurdle, when we'd got you all the way to the  end! Never mind, next week might be better...

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Enigmatic Variations N0. 1637 By Stick Insect

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