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Spectator N0. 2647 -Pabulum's Last Bow By Pabulum

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Matakari | 10:53 Fri 29th Mar 2024 | Crosswords
5 Answers

Good morning, some help with the following would be appreciated to say au revoir to Pabulum. Many thanks in advance!

11a    Named Tory youths pelt maniac (6)  : ???E?T 

16a    A casual drive also cycling allowed (6) : ??OT?E  (TOOTLE )

23a    Maybe Archie arrests badly hurt Atli’s killer (7) : ??T?RU  

25a    Chart sailor starts to amend carefully (4) : A?A?

39a    Henry’s rude reply to blacken cross-reference (9)  : HYPER??N?  (HYPERLINK)

40a    Welshman in river terrapin crosses (5)  : ?M??S



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11a yclept

16, 39 both fine: too (let) h (reply) ink

23a look up atli - slightly different spelling of killer

25 usual sailor 1st letters of amend carefully

40 welsh male christian name

Question Author

Many thanks,quinol, the last two clues that are a bit baffling, after which the Unclueds should be completed.

2d    Minister snubbed page (5)  : ??C?O

9d    Electronic fan rotating air (4)  : T??L

2 Recto(r)

9 Tune, air, song  - Nut is the fan, reversed, rotating and E, electronic.

Question Author

Many thanks, NACW! This was a memorable send off for Pabulum.

Thanks, Matakari. It was quite a tough one- I think that's why so many answers were needed here yesterday! 

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Spectator N0. 2647 -Pabulum's Last Bow By Pabulum

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