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Spectator 2642

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FleshpotsOfDevon | 13:15 Thu 22nd Feb 2024 | Crosswords
5 Answers

Painter after long periods (6) L?S?RO


Flavours men added to mugs (6) ?AP?R? (CAPERS?) 





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2 Sapors, flavours. Saps,mugs, with OR, men, army stuff, inside.

Your O looks wrong in the other one...

Question Author

Yes I am a bit iffy about the down word that gives the O, truth be told. 

The down clue is Sextan sounds like Sexton

...Lustra, periods of five years. Lust, long, pine etc and RA, the usual painter.

Question Author

Ah I did have sexton! Thanks all 

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Spectator 2642

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