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Ev 1625

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professorplum13 | 13:29 Tue 16th Jan 2024 | Crosswords
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Full grid but a few letters missing for "the rogue" 

i have his 1st name 5 letters from rows 1-5 , but then H ...O ..MAS...would like THOMAS but H comes from row 6 so that doesn't work...

Also need help with "block of 10 cells" bit at the end please




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PP,  your names will be correct - like the treated Across entries, there's a ??? in the ??????

As most of the rows and columns are affected, I simply looked at the bit where they weren't... and two things relating to the theme. your name, will (I hope) jump out.

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I can see the block of ten cells, so remove 9 of them, .....then...?

You'll have to employ whatever artistic skills you have - to 'illustrate with features to be determined'.  That's for the nine. The 10th cell needs to be dealt with appropriately. I think some solvers may have used scissors...

Question Author

As I thought art needs a lot to be desired but I'll have a go ...and yes I think the scissors will be a good idea too!


Thanks for the confirmation

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Ev 1625

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