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Spectator 2635 - Brilliant By Mr. Magoo

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Matakari | 20:40 Sun 07th Jan 2024 | Crosswords
7 Answers

Good evening, this one is a veritable brain scorcher. Help with the following should make a difference in making a breakthrough. I would hate to give up! Thanks in advance!

11a  Move left to right in washing plants (9) ????I????
18a  Bone breaking seal’s coat of antimony (7) ????I??
34a  One involved in stocktake who’s making minimal noise (7)  ??????R
7d    Spirit one is consuming in Champagne? (6) ???I??
10d  Born and died in El Salvador’s poverty (9) ?L?????T?
15d  What’s found in good area in the drink? (5) A????



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10    Neediness?

34 Who steals cattle, takes stock?

10 Your letters are both wrong.


washing plants could be LAUNDRIES, then change L and R in some way

11 Abutilons, plants, from Ablutions

18 Stibial - Tibia inside SL< coat of seal, outside letters.

Hope these answers are enough to get you started, Matakari...

Matakari, I can't remember the details, but you strode your way through a Mr Magoo puzzle not so long ago!

15d Al ga e

Matakari, did these make a difference, have you made a breakthrough?

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Spectator 2635 - Brilliant By Mr. Magoo

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