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Tilly2 | 09:57 Thu 04th Jan 2024 | Crosswords
24 Answers

Will there be a crossword today?



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Yes, there is - an excellent one from Mr Magoo.

Question Author

Thank you, NAC. I haven't had an email from Daniel as of yet.

Thanks, Tilly2. I've got a subscription now - but before I had that, I used to be able to access the puzzle through the website. I don't know if that's still possible.

daniel just sent it...

Question Author

Thank you both.

Yep, I'm doing it now!

Happy New Year to everyone, as we get back to the grindstone of regular crosswords ;) 

Yes, and it's pretty good. Thanks are due to Mr. Magoo.

Grid completed but not too happy with 14A. Is the fourth letter an "I"?

I have the middle two as O and K


John piper - so do I but I'm struggling to parse the result. Is someone who's restrained a "lockee?" 

Sounds like Low Key....


Sorry, I didn't have the  clue wording when I posted that - yes, the answer sounds like Low Key, restraained.

Thats very clever 

On 17D where does the word division come-this is my last unclued and i have the first word but am struggling

Also not sure what 36 has to do with McColgan-but maybe i am being thick

Missing middle letter of 5 D

Why is 38A the word it is i can see that the answe is a characrer but what is menial about it?

Many thanks


38 The answer, noun, also means menial, servant of the lowest class (in Japan).

17 5,6.

36 - I think it's just to show that the answer is a Scottish word.



Quite abstruse

Middle letter of 5Down?



Still all at seaon 17 D

I have: ?AN?I  ?es?r?


Glad I could help. Eta, menial, has appeared in quite a few crosswords - I think  it's a handy little word!

Your I is wrong in 17 D

5 D. R

I get it now thanks. Your "I" is wrong. But your split is right. 5,6. 

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