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Sunday Express Skeleton 10Th December

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Frustrate | 22:32 Mon 11th Dec 2023 | Crosswords
13 Answers

17a Footballer in shape leaving 7 letters ??t?t?

13a Mercy at last from head girl 4 letters ?l??

16a Mockery of Conservative in charge 4 letters ?e??

3d River fish finds part of rod 11 letters ??e????????

Hope your help will let me finish it please. Frustrate 



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3d reel

17 Pele, in clue

13 polly

16 farce, C in fare

16 Far C e

165 farce

13 poll(head) (merc) y

Question Author

Many thanks Ellie May. Sorry, still stuck on

18d Wise guys  back away from mad soldier 4 letters ????

20d A Star speaker listened to 5 letters s?I??

19d Exposed but ebullient beginner 4 letters ???e

Hope you can help, please. Frustrate

20 Magi, wise guys, three wise men. GI, soldier after Ma(d)

18d Ma(d)G.I. = magi

19 Bare,  Bar E.(bullient)

20 Spica, star, sounds like Speaker.

Question Author

Thank you Neveracrossword! Have finished it now. Frustrate 

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Sunday Express Skeleton 10Th December

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