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Genius Crossword 246

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Matakari | 21:13 Mon 04th Dec 2023 | Crosswords
11 Answers

Greetings! A pretty palatable Genius this month with a few for which I seek help. Thanks in advance!

(A number of clues must be manipulated prior to solving. Further information is given in the completed grid. )


11a  Italian leader will leave Scottish island in box, perhaps (4) : T????

14a  Writer for Vogue to start resolving ten cracks on egg (8) : ??R?E???

20a  Editor not working on framing head of Manchester City (8) : ?D?O???N

7d     Sad old Italian city centre ignored (6)  T?I???  ( TRIEST )

21d  Idiot allowed back outside to make decoration (6): ??S?E?



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20 Edmonton

11Tree - from T(i)ree

21 Tassel - you should have got that one, Ass, idiot, inside Let, allowed (back, reversed)

14 Turgenev


7 Nearly - I think it's Triste, sad, Trieste without the middle letter.

Question Author

Many thanks, NACW and Captain2, I should have seen "triste", archaic for sad! The last two to complete this one!

15a Flapped, as short jeering revolutionary Oscar knocks one out (7): ?I?O?E?

9d  Excessively promote sexual partner, missing left-winger's laying? (4-3) O?E?E?G  (OVER-EGG )

(L)over egg

Yes : (l)over egg

Matakari, glad we could help.

Visored and

OverEgg  (L over +Egg)



Question Author

Thanks, all, for the answers and the neat parsing! Going to toy a bit with EV 1619 now.

Matakari, glad we could help (again). I don't think you'll find EV too tricky,you might even have seen the thematic help already given on here...

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Genius Crossword 246

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