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Xanadu27 | 15:22 Fri 17th Nov 2023 | Crosswords
11 Answers

Diffney Quiz.

27/5/2023 M19-14S

Thank you.



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Is M19-14S the clue?


I'm sure that's the clue but I don't know the answer, Ellie

Munster 19 - Stormers 14

(United Rugby)

Blast Jo! I've just been looking at Hurling and Gaelic Football finals - yours was my next look-up. 😁

Spookey! Look who played today.

Sorry, Captain 😂

Well done Scorpiojo, glad that's solved!

When I first looked at this, I 'saw' the date, but didn't take it in, thinking it was the closing date for the quiz! Teach me to skim read.

Thanks, Ellie 😁

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