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Iq 1800

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hankir | 15:38 Sat 22nd Apr 2023 | Crosswords
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Long preamble:
All across answers, including the unclued one, are modified identically; numbers in brackets
refer to the spaces available. Except for the first and last, each across clue, in order, contributes a letter to a thematic pair of adjectives. The letter is the one immediately before the first instance of a thematic letter. All down entries are normal. The wordplay in down clues ignores
every instance of a specific letter. Solvers must highlight the unclued entry that applied in the
United Kingdom.

I am not sure what what contributing a letetr to a thematic pair of adjectives mean.
I have a 5 letter answer to 25a.
25. British rule wildly more obscene (6)
I am not sure what to do with it.

For down clues, same letter is missing in wordplay. I have that letter but need help with...

9. One’s belly laugh startled one ruminating about India (7)
15. Woman turned up with doctor’s instruments (9)
24. Russian workers losing heart, no longer displaying skill (6)



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9d NYLGHAU (y not clued)
15 TROMBONES ('woman' = mort)
24 YARELY (y x2 not clued) ar[t]el = 'Russian workers'.
I'm also not sure what the preamble means, hankir - I've looked for some obvious 17 letter possibilities for a phrase/words that could be 'thematic' but it's just too wide open to persevere (and the highlighting seems obvious, so why waste any more time on it?).
If setters expect us to follow these little 'extras' they should be clearer - or make it worthwhile.
...add a 'Y' to your answer at 25a (penultimate cell).
Question Author
Thanks ProfessorM.
I had trombones but I thought each down clue had to have a Y.
I think I have figured out where the extra letter goes in each across clue.
Still a handful to solve.
May be back.
One clue left, 31 across - check bar opening in Tottenham does? I have dee? Any help much appreciated. Can’t say I enjoyed this puzzle compared to the many excellent ones over the past few weeks.
Gojira, Doe is a female...
I think the answer might be deer (= does, female deer) but am lost on parsing. Have no idea about the two adjectives.
Many thanks neveracrossword and Toorak.
Question Author
Last two are 2d and 3d.

Give me a hint on 3d.
Type line, middle of Othello, revealing Moor's location (6)

Question Author
Got 3d as soon as I posted.
BU[tt]ER is the milk product.
I’m guessing the two adjectives are those at the beginning of the Wikipedia entry for 1800. Too much trouble to go through the clues but it works. Are all the Ys just for years?
Yes to both.

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Iq 1800

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