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Private Eye Crossword 23 Ac And 28

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watersa | 04:47 Fri 11th Nov 2022 | Crosswords
5 Answers
Pls help if you can.
23 ac : crummy, crap energy handout ultimately results in reprimand -
I can only get 'chided' but don't see how it relates to first half of clue. Also, to answer second half, should it be 'chides' or chider'?

28 ac: Determine the size of Bill?
I have 'measure' as it's the only word that fits the first half of clue. how does bill fit in?

Any help much appreciated...



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measure - a bill going through parliament
23 carpet
carpet looks right.
anagram of CRAP + E (energy) + (handou)T

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Private Eye Crossword 23 Ac And 28

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