Rte Guide No 27 (Rosebud)

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poorclare | 10:24 Sat 02nd Jul 2022 | Crosswords
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I am stuck on two and need help Please

26d Metal flattener (4) I??? (I think that is Iron)

28a Over 50, stuck in a tizzy? Ah, must be besotted (10 or 4-6)
?o?r?t?u?k ~ if 26d Iron is wrong then that o is wrong 28a could be Star struck

Thanking you


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26 iron is fine
28 love struck?
28a lovestruck
l(fifty) ove st r(from over) uck
Question Author
ah! Thank you, never would have thought of that,
feel stupid now.

Hope you have a lovely weekend

28a what clue gave the wrong r?
You're welcome Clare x
Question Author
Just looking that means my R in 19d is wrong
19d Is butter spread for such high praises (8) T???u??

Thanking you
anag of is butter
Question Author
Thank you
This is the first week I have not completed this crossword
In bed all week back problem but that should not effect the brain,
but hey thats my excuse and I am sticking to it ~ lol ~ :-)

Thank you
Hope you soon feel better Clare x

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Rte Guide No 27 (Rosebud)

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