Listener No 4713 Telstar

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perseverer | 09:39 Sat 28th May 2022 | Crosswords
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First solo Listener effort from The Don, the previous one being as part of Donarino in 2019. Not one of the hardest Listeners but enough in it with clashes and extra letters to find to keep you on your toes. Thanks to The Don.
Not sure about the title, but incidentally it is 60 years in July since Telstar was launched. Who else remembers the poor quality live broadcasts from the USA which lasted about 10 minutes while the satellite was in just the right position?


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Reasonable clues and endgame.
Thanks to The Don.
All done - good puzzle and rather harder than it first seemed.

Thanks to The Don

Now for a weekend of GAA, Rugby and F1 ...
GAA, Rugby and F1? That's my birthday up the spout then. :-(
A good workman like puzzle with an unambiguous ending once the penny dropped although we never quite got to the bottom of 30d.

Thanks The Don.
Hi, was in Oxford on Saturday and simply forgot to buy The Times for the Listener. Would any kind soul be able to send a copy of the puzzle?
Many thanks,
Thanks, The Don

A fairly quick solve, helped by the two long answers being on the more accessible side. It had a couple of words I'd not seen before, and that's always a delight.
Demios - if you drop me an email to [email protected] then I can send you a pdf of the puzzle.
Too difficult for me. Have completed the grid bar 2 cells, identified 15 of the extra letters, and almost all the discarded letters, but have no idea as to the theme. Have also tried scouring the grid for inspiration but none forthcoming.

I found it an enjoyable challenge if ultimately a frustrating one.

Thanks to The Don.
Hi Dim16,

The extra letters are what cracked it for me. I didn't spot the message until I had around 15 or so of them, so I'd take another look, in case you've got an error or two in there.
Hi HawkCrossword

Just saw your post a few minutes ago and weirdly it must have inspired me because I then had a PDM as to the message. This immediately led to the person. The bad news is that I now know my discarded letters contain an error (no surprise). Hopefully I can now identify the seven words and correct/complete the grid.

Thanks for the encouragement.

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Listener No 4713 Telstar

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