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hankir | 21:47 Mon 09th May 2022 | Crosswords
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Need help with finding the prayer.

My letters from extra words anagram to North Tests or variations.

No inspiration yet.



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I have HTTENEOTSR but no wiser ??
..which gives "the ten tors" it....
Bad news - EV is being axed with the last one due to be published on 31st July. If you can please make your feelings about this known to the Telegraph. Also please use this thread to ask for that ridiculous decision to be reversed.
It’s the only reason I buy the Sunday Telegraph. So annoyed! Who do I write to?
Cloverjo, I'd start with the Puzzles Editor but I am so incensed by this that I am tempted to find an address for the Barclay brothers and take it to the very top.
Question Author
Thank you ProfessorM.
I wish they would come up with a subscription for puzzles only.
I would pay willingly.
I have no need for the rest fo the Newspaper.
I get enough news from NY Times and Wash. Post, and a few more.
I gather you can voice your disappointment to the address at: [email protected]

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Ev 1538

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