Azed No. 2603 ‘Wrong Number’ Crossword

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Blackhawker | 11:13 Sun 01st May 2022 | Crosswords
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…..normally enjoy the challenge of Azed, not easy on only a Sec Mod education! However this mornings explanation is like reading Russian Cyrillic alphabet! Can anybody please help with an explanation in words of one syllable! Any help very much appreciated. I have answered some clues but have no idea where or if they go into the grid?? Many thanks in advance!


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I am struggling to understand it myself. Like you I have solved some clues.

I think but am not sure
4d. is obviously an anagram - and I think it goes in 21a space. Another 9 letter word and "whiff" is the definition word
19d is an anagram of r + 2 words and I think that it goes in 1d's space with the definition word "personification"

Essentially the clues are self contained, but you have to put them somewhere else in the grid. That place belongs to a word of the same length and where there is a word in the clue that roughly defines the answer of the other clue. I think!!!
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……do you know that feeling when you think, um, shouldn’t have started this! Only joking, thank you so much, it does make a bit more sense now. Maybe shouldn’t have left school at 15! Many thanks!
I have just listed all the
4 letter clues together
5 letter clues together
6 letter clues together
etc etc
Then when I get some letters (especially beginning letters) and say it is a 9 letter answer I then look at each of the 9 letter clues and try to get one clue to fit.

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Azed No. 2603 ‘Wrong Number’ Crossword

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