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1 Down Insincere Fluency Is A Mixed Blessing (8) ?L??????

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liztheone123 | 13:41 Sat 02nd Apr 2022 | Crosswords
12 Answers
9 across Mostly surly english poet (6) ?r???e
8 down Changeable I recalled in the case of Blackpool? Rainy or windy! (11) ?a?r???h?n?
11 across Old tower mostly providing honey (4) ?a??
13 across Cosmetic lotions from chaps on loaded trains (11) ???????e?t?
14 down Championship football club's measurements (8) ????i?g?
16 down Girl of the month with diamonds (6) ?a?i?e
17 down Rotter's blocking the river for years (6) ?e????
23 across Cheer one in a rush (6) h?r???
25 across Fail to keep behind a rock rabbit (6) ?a?s??

Can anyone help me with these clues. Thank you so much for all your help


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16 Janice
1 flattery
23 Hurr a y
14 down - Readings
17 decade
9 Crabbe?
17 - Decade
11 - Transient
13 Astringents
Course it is. My suggestion didn't even have enough letters :-(
Ha! I even got the number of the clue wrong;-/
11a. Babe(l)

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1 Down Insincere Fluency Is A Mixed Blessing (8) ?L??????

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