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Matakari | 17:27 Thu 24th Feb 2022 | Crosswords
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Good evening, something different and exciting from Doc this week!
Got many of the clues already, just a matter of placing them. Help with the answer for

1 (D ) Age and weight should help me find my way around now. Thanks in advance!

Clues lead to 5-letter solutions. Each set of ten clues is presented in alphabetical order of the solutions. Correct positioning in the grid of each set and the insertion of the appropriate letter in the central square will reveal six 11-letter words not otherwise clued. The 5-letter solutions to the four numbered clues are to be placed where indicated in the grid.


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Matakari, many of the clues are on the simple, simplistic side - and it is a Doc puzzle after all!
1 D - Stone.

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Thanks, NACW, on to finding the right positions now!
Matakari, the fitting in part was much simpler than I anticipated - probably because there're only 10 answers in each section.

PS It was certainly a different puzzle from Doc, but perhaps a little too easy to be 'exciting'!
Can someone help with 3A: with nous, make it confidential?
Lulu 666
entre nous = between us- ie keep it confidential
Thank you. I couldn't find the 11 letter word it created anywhere

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