Speccie 2539

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johnpiper | 16:35 Sat 22nd Jan 2022 | Crosswords
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I can see how the missing letters work with the included lights but no idea how this relates to the title unless this just needs an L inserting.
meantime on the clued lights
Is 16A a hidden word in Camorrist meaning gold lace (5)?
29A German menials in sandals (5) G??AS
21D Secret ale refreshed old villain (9) I have S?EL????E
25D Copper kitchen utensil (6) I have ??E?E?
24D Poets set about breaking bad steed (8) ?E?????E stumped on this
10D Ordinary flower deficient in two stipules round stem (5) ?C?EA
Many thanks in anicipation


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16 A. Yes
29. An abbreviation for German plus the plural of a three-letter word meaning menials, lowly workers., Sandals is the definition.

21 D An anagram.

35 Think spuds!
24 D. Has been answered on one of Matakari's threads (he had three this week, I think).
PS I think you are correct about the title.
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Silly me re the copper!!
Question Author
I am still stumped by 10D
Ordinary flower deficient in two stipules round stem (5)
Many thanks
All else is now thankfully done!

Johnpiper, sorry - I overlooked that one earlier. Glad you've got it all done now.
Re: the title. Wi(L)der which could be either Billy or Thornton.
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Thanks all.

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Speccie 2539

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