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skyplus | 22:05 Tue 18th Jan 2022 | Crosswords
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18a Cover T?P?R?T?O?. The clue is C over the letter t and op is written beside it. Thank you all in advance


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so is it 10 letters in total? Do we know how many words?
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Two words The first word is Cover and the second word has 10 letters beginning with T
Ah- I thought the word cover was part of the clue (c over ).
Thought it might end fraction (or operation) but fraction dont fit.
Cant see a 10 letter word what fits your letters

Covert operation
Well done Cashier. I was fooled into thinking by the spacing that it were 5,10 not 6,9. I was nearly there and actualy checked if toperation is a real word
When I solved this yesterday, the OP said it was 5,10- and I suggested that Covert Operation would work for 6,9. He/she said the letter count was wrong.

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