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VivianD | 15:57 Sun 21st Nov 2021 | Crosswords
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I got 1 across while I was printing it out but after that......
9a somewhat resembling how the Burj Khalifa was constructed? --/--/a/-o---
12d Who sings? Smooth Rat Pack member, Sinatra to start with ----/--r---s


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9a Up to a point
12d Sand martins - 'sand (smooth) (Dean) Martin S(inatra; start)'
9 Up to a point

12 Sand martins
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Many thanks but I have to say I think the clues are pretty crap!
Looks pretty pointy to me ;-)
I think you’re right, Vivian, especially about the Rat Pack clue. The clue ‘Who sings ...’ suggests a singular answer - and I’m not even sure that Sand Martins are renowned as songbirds!
Describes as a constant twittering.

Thanks for that Mamya. It does sound rather like a malfunctioning dentist’s drill, though!

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Everyman 3919

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